What is Storybench?

In the fall of 2014, Storybench was born in the offices of Northeastern University’s Media Innovation graduate program as a “cookbook for digital storytelling.” It was conceived as an answer to the gaping need to demystify the digital storytelling process.

At Storybench, we want to reinvigorate and reimagine what digital journalism can be. This means providing an “under the hood” look at the latest and most inventive examples of digital creativity—from data visualization projects to interactive documentaries to gamified journalism—as well as the tools and innovators behind them.

Whether you are a veteran newsroom editor, web designer, budding coder or journalism student, Storybench will help you learn what is being built and how, so you can find your way to what might be built next.

Storybench’s founding editors are Aleszu Bajak, a lecturer and graduate programs manager at Northeastern’s School of Journalism and former Knight Science Journalism Fellow at M.I.T., and Dina Kraft, a former Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.

Who are we?

Editor: Aleszu Bajak

Managing Editor: Patrick Strohecker

Senior Writers: Martin Frigaard, Floris Wu, Danny Hentz, Josh Qualls

Newsletter/Social Media Editor: Meredith Dietz

Correspondents: AJ Addae, Alexander Frandsen, Paxtyn Merten, Rishya Narayanan

Contributors: The fine students of Northeastern’s School of Journalism