About Storybench

In 2014, Storybench was founded as a “cookbook for digital storytelling” out of the Media Innovation and Data Communication program at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism. It has since evolved into an all-in-one destination for media professionals interested in using advanced digital tools to tell impactful stories. From how journalists are visualizing climate data with Python to the rise of “influencer” culture, Storybench takes you behind the scenes of the latest and most inventive examples of digital storytelling as well as the tools and innovators behind them.

Storybench has been shortlisted for an Information is Beautiful Award, its stories have been reposted to sites like MediaShift and the Global Investigative Journalism Network and its coverage has been featured in Nieman Lab, American Press Institute, Hacker News, Knight Foundation, Harvard University’s Journalist’s Resource, Visualising Data, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, R-bloggers and more.