Datasets, Schedule and Judging

Housing Court Data 2014 from Project Hope:


Boston homicide data (1963 – 2016):


Hubway data:

Hubway challenge documentation:

Boston Area Research Initiative:

Other data sets


Boston approved building permits here or here

Zillow Boston Median Listing Price per sq. ft. here

Boston Airbnb listings, reviews data

Boston neighborhood blight and building data here

Boston property assessment here and parcel data here

2015 Greater Boston Housing Report Card here

Housing a Changing City Boston 2030 here

Housing data 1950-2010 here

City of Boston-owned property here

Boston Metropolitan Area Planning Council housing data here

Freddie Mac fixed-rate mortgage dataset from 1999-2015 here

Full Zillow data here

Sea level rise data for New England here


Boston Hubway bicycle trip data here

Bicycle collisions in Boston (2009-2012) here

Boston existing bicycle network here

Boston taxi data May 2012 – Nov 2012 here

Cambridge daily traffic counts 1972-2017 here

Massachusetts real-time roadway travel feed here

Crime and complaints

Boston homicides data here

Commonwealth Connect data (2009-2015) here

Boston FIO (field interviews and observation) data here

Boston crime incident reports (2015-now) here

Boston Police Dept. license plate scanner data here

Boston precincts data here


Boston food pantry data here

Boston schools public here and non-public here

Boston census data in JSON here

Boston 2010 census tracts here

Geographical data layers for Boston here

Big data repos

Boston Wicked Open Data here

Crime in the U.S. 1994-2013 here

Construction Activity in the United States here

Subsidized housing here

Solar panel installations here

D.C. metro ridership here

Bike sharing for NYC, DC, Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco here

Crime in the United States from FBI 1995–2014 here

National Neighborhood Crime Study here


9:00am Breakfast
9:45am Lightning Talks
10:15am Logistics and Team Formation
1:00pm Lunch and Hacking
3:30pm Presentations
4:00pm Awards
4:15pm Close


A panel of Northeastern professors from across the College of Arts, Media and Design will judge the submissions. Projects will be judged on their originality, the rigor of their data sourcing and analysis, and the accuracy and appeal of their visual storytelling.