Takeaways from the Reported.ly team’s #wjchat session on Twitter

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Reported.ly is a news reporting outfit that lives on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, and Storify. It’s run by former NPR social media strategist Andy Carvin and funded by First Look Media. Last night, Reported.ly team members Andy Carvin, Kim Bui and Wendy Carillo took to Twitter’s #wjchat forum to answer questions on workflow, tools and ethics of social news curation. Here are some of the takeaways.

Andy Carvin started by laying out how reported.ly functions:

How does the team work around the world?

Should reportedly staffers tweet news on personal accounts?

We asked about reported.ly’s tools. Twitter lists are incredibly important.

Reported.ly addressed some of the pitfalls of relying on a social media audience.

The conversation turned to verifying material and sources on social media. Google image search, and TinEye reverse image search “are our main tools,” said Carvin.

Sources need to be verified. Mistakes must be stood behind.

And sifting through graphic material can take a toll.

David Clinch from Storyful jumped in about verifying and coping with graphic material.

Other tools used by reported.ly staff:

On using Reddit:


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