Reinventing Local TV News

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Graduate students will work on an ongoing, national research project funded by the Stanton Foundation. The project’s first phase focused on audience testing of experimental remixes of local news. Recent work has included partnering with media outlets to assess the use of animation and graphics in stories.

The project’s new phase will look at opportunities offered by streaming technologies and new methods for telling under-reported stories in communities.

Students who have worked on the project have gone on to jobs in top TV markets and new media jobs.

For a sense of what the project has been up to, see this overview.

Image of a crowd in front of a stage. On stage, bright lights surround a screen that says "REINVENTING LOCAL TV NEWS" there is a person on the stage too.

Northeastern University is a top-50 research university with a broad alumni network in news media.

Interested in being considered for funding for your master’s degree and working on cutting-edge video research? Contact John Wihbey:

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