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Podcast: Northeastern alumni weigh in on the challenges facing local TV news

There’s no denying that local television news is at a crossroads. Traditional broadcasts face increasing competition from the internet, forcing stations to either adapt or face the possibility of losing their relevance altogether.

In search for answers, Northeastern graduate students Shraddha Kakade and Veer Mudambi interviewed three Northeastern alumni who are now working in local television news. All three have been in the business for a decade or less, giving them fresh perspectives on what local stations strive to achieve – or avoid – in the age of online news and social media.


“They’re telling us we need to focus more on putting things online. The difficult part of that for people in my position is we are out in the field all day. By the time we get to writing a story for the website, we’re burnt out,” said Brianna Hollis ’15, a multimedia journalist at WAOW-TV in Wausau, Wisconsin (pictured bottom-right). Also weighing in were Drew Karedes ’07, a general assignment reporter at WFXT-TV in Boston, Massachusetts (top-right), and Jessica Gagne ’12, a sports anchor and reporter at WCSH-TV in Portland, Maine, (left).




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