Reinventing TV

  • The TV Animator: Chris Chmura Breaking Ground in Traditional Video-Storytelling Methods to Grow Audiences
    Over the last few years, local television news stations have been finding ways to implement graphics and animation more effectively to tell their stories while trying to engage a younger audience. It’s an effective strategy backed up by research from the Reinventing Local TV News Project at Northeastern University. Newsrooms are hiring animators, designers, and […]
  • New-age storytelling: How Bianca Graulau used social media to reinvent reporting during the pandemic
    The coronavirus pandemic has impacted most industries, forcing professionals to adapt to new forms of remote work culture. Even journalists have had to adapt. This has reinforced the importance of digital platforms in journalism and how reliant people have become on social media as the primary means of communication. While many media publications are still […]
  • Lance Oppenheim on heightened observational filmmaking and treating sources like performers
    Twenty-four year-old filmmaker, Lance Oppenheim, stuck out like a sore thumb when he moved into America’s largest retirement community. He made his home amongst the retro decor, meticulously groomed golf courses and blocks of identical white-picket-fence lined houses. His neighbors, all over 55, wanted to know whose grandson he was, but Oppenheim wasn’t there to […]
  • Breaking the traditional TV news storytelling format: A conversation with TV reporter Danae Bucci
    Danae Bucci is a reporter for Hearst-owned WJCL-TV, the ABC affiliate in Savannah, Georgia as well as a 2020 graduate of Northeastern University. She talks about trying to break the traditional local TV news storytelling format at her reporting job at WJCL, which is in the same station ownership group as Boston’s own WCVB-TV. Bucci […]
  • Experiential experiment: Abdullah Saeed’s approach to covering taboos
    Chances are, you live in a state where cannabis is legal. While the positive or negative impacts of the plant’s legalization are up for debate, the lucrative legal cannabis industry is getting a lot of media attention. There may be no such thing as bad press, but overwhelmingly positive reporting on cannabis legalization risks different […]