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The Reinventing Local TV News Project is hiring researchers

The Reinventing Local TV News Project is back. The initiative, at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, is aimed at exploring the future of streaming video news content and reaching a younger audience. Now, the project is entering its third phase of research by partnering with three leading news stations across New York, Chicago and Boston..

Building  on previous work — which Storybench has featured since 2017 — the research team will leverage technology with innovative storytelling techniques to create more engaging, accessible news coverage for viewers in the digital space. They’ll explore the possibilities for Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming platforms at local TV news stations, allowing outlets to report news in novel ways and deliver it on-demand to their audience.

Project director Mike Beaudet sees an opportunity to build on the strengths of TV news, which remains both trusted and profitable, and “shift away from traditional TV and go where the audience is.”

With more than $1 million in funding from a Stanton Foundation grant, the project is now hiring four year-long, paid fellowship positions. Three OTT Streaming Content Producers will be placed at the project’s partner stations, WCBS-TV in New York, WLS-TV in Chicago, and WCVB-TV in Boston. A fourth Visual Content Producer/Animator will work with the three OTT Streaming Content Producers across the television markets.

For more information on the project and the positions, visit the project website and this press release.

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