A roundup of coronavirus dashboards, datasets and resources

Access and availability of data on the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, are essential for understanding how the virus spreads, who is most likely to get it, and how to keep them safe.

This post is an attempt to round up a list of dashboards, datasets, media, and resources reporters and researchers can use to stay informed. We’ll be updating this post as we find new resources.

Dashboards and maps

  • Antoine Soetewey wrote an excellent blog post on creating a country-specific dashboard with R Shiny.
  • At Storybench, we interviewed Northeastern’s Samuel Scarpino, assistant professor at the Network Science Institute, about a map he built tracking the virus.
  • The New York Times has a series of maps of the outbreak that it is constantly updating.
  • The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has a Covid-19 dashboard.
  • USAFacts is mapping cases as well. More on their data below.
  • The Associated Press is updating a map twice daily with infections by county:


  • The COVID Tracking Project, a collaboration between The Atlantic, data scientist Jeff Hammerbacher, and a team of volunteers, “collects information from 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and 5 other U.S. territories to provide the most comprehensive testing data we can collect for the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.”
  • The “Science Responds” initiative has a great list of datasets, web scrapers and visualizations related to Covid-19.
  • Reddit has a curated list of coronavirus datasets on /r/datasets:
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There’s obviously no shortage of media coverage of coronavirus. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been following.


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We will keep posting more resources as we learn about them. If you know of any, please leave them in the comments!

Martin Frigaard

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