Credit: Doctors Without Borders.

How Doctors Without Borders and a VR studio built an immersive exhibit about refugee camps


How AJ+ leverages user-centered design to win over millennials


Upworthy’s Amy O’Leary on the art and data science of engaging readers


How the Guardian used pixel art mini Trumps, Bernies and other candidates to display election results


How the Wall Street Journal visualized the issues that split the Republican vote

natureindex_working file

How a small data design company visualized the world’s scientific collaborations

Fig. 1. Screenshot from the Vice News documentary “The Islamic State”, August 14, 2014.

A dummy’s guide to mapping Daesh


Understanding what makes a visualization memorable


How to learn responsive web design by coding your own story


How newspaper stories went viral in the 19th century


A Brazilian start-up uses a speed limit simulator to influence voters about traffic

At Northeastern's Idea Hack, Lt. Richard Fail experienced 360 video for the first time.

U.S. Navy recruits ideas at Northeastern hackathon

The newspaper shot the video in a makeshift studio in the New York Times building.

How The New York Times made the #thisis2016 video of Asian-Americans responding to racism


And the winner for best election forecaster goes to… The New York Times

(Credit: Texas Tribune)

How The Texas Tribune is tracking record-breaking early turnouts state-wide


Before election day: a look at early voting trackers

Frick discussed how machine learning systems will look in the near future.

How machine learning could change journalism

The team of Filmstacker.

A new video storytelling platform tries to make filmmaking easier

Ellison combines illustrations with photos to tell the story of a child soldier.

How a photojournalist is using cartooning in international reporting

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