How The Boston Globe used digital tools to call for new gun laws

Young Baikal seal (Pusa sibirica) at breathing hole. Credit: bioGraphic.

How the California Academy of Sciences launched bioGraphic, a magazine illuminating the natural world


How The Economist’s Espresso app goes beyond headlines to provide a daily shot of news analysis


Transmedia Storytelling: Adoptees Journey “Home” to China in Search of Missing Girlhoods


How the Financial Times built a story on invasive insects that buzzes with interactivity


Europe’s migrant crisis: A roundup of visualizations

A reel to reel tape player and recorder. Credit: darkday via Flickr.

Better Recording, Better Transcribing: A Digital Toolbox for Bringing Home the Perfect Interview


Localore debuts a digital open notebook for its reporting project “Finding America”

Patrick Chappatte and Anne-Frédérique Widmann’s The Last Phone Call about death row prisoners was published this month in The New York Times.

How The New York Times used comics to illustrate stories of death row

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